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Franklin Community Preschool’s purpose is to provide an engaging play environment for children of all abilities aged three to five who live within the community and catchment area of Franklin Elementary School.



Franklin Community Preschool’s philosophy is that play is the cornerstone of a quality early childhood program and that it is through play that children learn about themselves and their world. Play fosters a child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. It is our goal to provide a developmentally appropriate, play-based program which meets the needs of each child. As children play, their brains develop synapses that will last a lifetime and help define who they are. Their muscles grow strong, and they develop important social and life skills. Children will be encouraged to learn to share, take turns, make choices and understand the feelings of themselves and others around them. We focus on helping children identify feelings and make choices for themselves, in a safe and appropriate manner while gaining a social understanding about the world around them.


Play increases a child’s ability to concentrate and cooperate with others. Most importantly, play allows the child to develop positive relationships with other children and negotiate their needs. Research shows that the first five years are some of the most important years in a person’s life. The teachers’ role at Franklin Preschool is to facilitate the play environment through an exciting and emergent curriculum so children can develop and explore concepts as well as learn how to be independent. The preschool strives to provide a stimulating and responsive environment based on the children’s interests.


Positive reinforcement and encouragement is an important factor in helping children develop their play skills. Franklin provides a combination of structured and unstructured activities relying heavily on learning through play and taking advantage of teachable moments. We believe that children are creative and curious and we encourage and facilitate their learning by providing open-ended materials for exploration and imaginative play.


Franklin Preschool’s environment is set up in a way that engages children to be scientists, explorers, mathematicians, artists, and any other kind of ‘learner’ that is fun and developmentally appropriate. Children gain knowledge through exposure to different activities and experiences. We aim to be flexible with our programming and routines so they are adaptable to the children’s energy and interest level within the classroom environment. We believe that inclusion is not only beneficial but that each child has a variety of strengths, needs, talents, backgrounds and interests. Inclusion is the opportunity for all children to accept each other and work together.


Franklin Preschool provides a supportive environment that acknowledges and includes all of our multicultural diversities and learning abilities. The children are supported and empowered to become their own problem-solvers with the support of teachers. They are cared for in a positive way that promotes self-esteem and provides an enriching beginning to their first school experience.



The Preschool

In 1976, a group of parents, with the support of the principal and the coordinator of Franklin Elementary school, began to organize a preschool program. After much hard work and many long hours, Franklin Preschool was opened in October of 1977. The lunchroom was the main playroom and sessions were held in the mornings only during the first year. Afternoon sessions were added in 1978, as enrollment increased. The philosophy of the preschool emphasized individual programs for each child and, as a result, community resource workers often referred many children with special needs to the program.


In the spring of 1983, a proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Social Services for the funding of a Special Needs component to the preschool program. This request was granted and in September of 1983, and Franklin officially became an inclusive preschool. The portable building also became available at this time and the preschool moved into its own facility on the grounds of the elementary school. Currently, the preschool program has 20 spaces in each class, of which three spaces in the morning classes are designated for children with special needs.


Franklin Preschool Society

The Society was created in the summer of 2009 by a group of volunteer preschool parents to continue the administration of the preschool. All preschool families automatically become a member of the society and are welcome to attend open meetings to ask questions, voice their opinions, and to take part in other Society activities. The Society Board of Directors, which is also the License Holder of the preschool, is responsible for making governing decisions around the centre, and works closely with the teachers to ensure the preschool is running smoothly. If you would like to become involved with the Board of Directors, please ask the supervising teacher for contact information, or keep an eye out for notices sent by the Society throughout the year. The Society is always looking for more parents to help with fundraising, grant research/writing, and volunteering at special events.


The Elementary School

Franklin Elementary School has regular meetings involving parents, staff, community residents, and agency representatives for the purpose of identifying local needs, promoting exchange of ideas, providing feedback in areas of local concerns, and participating in decision-making. Franklin Elementary encourages your participation and involvement, and welcomes your attendance at the monthly community meetings.


The school offers programs for the community during the school year. For more information on the many programs and activities for both children and adults, please contact the main office at 604.713.4709 or the programs office at 604.713.5898.




Holly Collinson (Supervisor, Early Childhood Educator) joined Franklin Preschool in September 2013 as a Preschool teacher. She was a regular substitute at Franklin Preschool in June 2013.  Holly was promoted to Preschool Supervisor in September 2017.  She has her Early Childhood Education certificate from Douglas College. Holly has volunteered as a day camp leader for three years at Fun Rec in Burnaby and introduced fun activities for children requiring extra support. She also has certification in Child Safe First Aid. Holly is an important part of Franklin team as she enjoys interacting with the children and seeing them laugh and explore the many activities at the preschool. She learns so much from the children. When not working, Holly is busy with her three nephews. Her hobbies include travelling, baking, reading, and hiking.

Sandra Young (Early Childhood Educator, Infant/Toddler, and Special Needs Educator) joined Franklin Preschool in September 2017.  She graduated from UBC in 2013 with a degree in Asian Area Studies and in 2016 she graduated from Capilano University with a diploma in Early Childcare Education, Infant/Toddler Certificate and Special Needs Certificate.  Sandra also has an Emergency First Aid CPR/AED Level C Certificate and has her Food Safe Level 1 Certificate.
After graduating from Capilano University, she became a substitute educator for UBC’s Childcare Service.  She has been a program leader in the KidsFirst program that provides support for at risk children.  She was also a program leader for Hastings Elementary School’s Summer Fun and Recreation and Reading program.  Sandra is a graduate from Sir John Franklin Elementary School and from Franklin Preschool!  She enjoys learning and exploring with the children.  Her hobbies are playing board games, hiking, biking.

Shelley Yu (Early Childhood Educator) joined Franklin Preschool in December 2017.  Shelley first started working at a preschool in 1991.  It was a great experience and she decided to pursue her E.C.E.  While working at the preschool, Shelley completed her E.C.E. in 1995.  She worked at the same preschool for approximately 20 years.  Over the years, she took some time off for travelling and in 2010, she took maternity leave.  Since 2011, she has been enjoying staying at home with her children (Riley and Sadie) as well as substituting at her former preschool and caregiving for children in her home.  Shelley has a current Child Safe First Aid certificate.  Her interests include travelling, snowboarding, bike riding, diving, reading, creative arts pursuits, cooking, Spanish language and culture.  Shelley is very enthusiastic about the professional development courses that she has had the opportunity to participate in.  Shelley has lived in the Franklin neighborhood since 2014 and has found the community and the families in it to be very warm and welcoming.


Gladys Yip (Early Childhood Educator) joined Franklin Preschool in June 2019. She obtained her certificate from Burnaby Continuing Education Program in 1999. During her time as an Early Childhood Educator, Gladys had worked with community centers, neighborhood houses, and preschools in Vancouver. She is dedicated to promote quality child care and is enthusiastic about building strong relationship with families. Gladys pursues her studies further as needs arise, she enrolled and completed the Leadership, Administration, and Management certificate program at Vancouver Community College in 2007. She is also certified in emergency child care first aid/CPR/AED course. She loves to share their joy with every day’s discoveries and triumphs.




Outline of the Day

The preschool program follows the general outline below. The exact schedule may vary from day to day.


Morning Class Afternoon Class
8:45 Doors Open 12:15 Doors Open
8:45-9:00 Welcome Circle 12:15-12:30 Welcome Circle
9:00-10:30 Gross Motor Play (Outside) 12:30-2:00 Gross Motor Play (Outside)
10:30-11:25 Free Play and Open Snack 2:00-2:55 Free Play and Open Snack
11:25-11:30 Clean Up Time 2:55-3:00 Clean Up Time
11:30-11:45 Music and Movement, and Circle Time 3:00-3:15 Music and Movement, and Circle Time
11:45 Home 3:15 Home


Drop Off and Pick Up Times

The preschool staff have many preparations to make prior to the start of each day so we ask that children and families wait outside until we open the door at 8:45am or 12:15 pm respectively. We invite parents, guardians, and caregivers to come in with their children and help them find their cubbies, wash hands, and say goodbye as the children make their way to circle time.  Every child needs to be signed in and signed out at the preschool each day. The sign in/out sheets are located just inside the entrance to the preschool.


Seeing others leave can make a child feel anxious, so we ask that parents or caregivers arrive at the preschool five minutes before the ending of your child’s class to ensure your child is picked up on time. A child is only dismissed into the direct care of an adult who is designated on the child’s consent form, so please come directly into the building to pick up your child.


If you know you will be late picking up your child due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstance, please call the preschool at 604.291.9310 prior to the end of the session. If you do not call, a late pick up fee will be charged according to the following:

Within the first 5 minutes No charge
5-10 minutes late $5.00
10-15 minutes late $10.00
15-20 minutes late $20.00
20-30 minutes late $30.00


After 15 minutes, the preschool staff will refer to the emergency contact and attempt to call that number. After one hour, the Ministry for Children and Family Development may be contacted to pick up the child to keep them safe.

Safe Release of Children

Safe Release Policy:

Children who are in the care of Franklin Community Preschool shall be released for pick-up to:

  1. a)  the parent(s)/guardian who is the sole (or joint) caregiver of the child, who’s name(s) and signature appear on the child’s enrollment forms
  2. b)  an adult person, listed by the person, who is listed on the enrollment forms as authorized to pick up the child


Any alternative arrangements to pick-up shall be given to a staff member by form of telephone call, written note, email, or in person. The parent will then be informed that a staff person will check the identification of the “alternate” when he/she arrives at the centre. The staff will ask for a piece of identification from the “alternative” pick-up person (e.g. driver’s license).



A child will only be released to the “alternative” once a staff member has checked the identification of this person.


Alleged Impaired Authorized Pick Up


The safety of the children at Franklin Preschool is our first priority.  It is the staff’s legal responsibility, to the extent that is possible, to ensure the safety of the children in their care. At Franklin Preschool, we will try all ways legally possible to prevent the release of a child to an authorized person who is intoxicated in some way and cannot properly care for the child.




The staff person involved will:


  1. a)  Offer to call a friend to pick up the person and child,
  2. b)  Offer to call a taxi to pick up the person and child,


  1. c)  Contact the Ministry of Children and Families at 1-800-663-9122.


If the allegedly impaired person is driving a vehicle, the staff will explain that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is against the law and the staff are obligated to ensure the safety and well-being if the child and adult. If the allegedly impaired person chooses to get in the car with or without the child, staff will immediately call 911 and notify the police. The Supervisor may also call the Ministry of Children and Families if they feel that the child is in need of protection.

Note:  Under provincial law, no staff under any circumstances may withhold a child for any reason. 


Free Play

During Free Play the child explores independently or as part of a small group, at self-selected activities. The teachers are there to help guide and support the children’s development through facilitated play and encourage positive peer relationships through verbal modeling, turn taking and positive feedback. We believe that play is an essential part of growth and learning in a young child’s world.


We practice Responsive Curriculum, which is a way of teaching that unites the teacher and children as partners in learning. It is our belief that children should be provided with meaningful experiences where they can learn through their own creative processes. We set up most of the areas in the classroom with natural and open-ended materials. These invitations serve as an idea, or provocation, and allow the children to explore their ideas and inquiries. We create opportunities for the children to flourish in social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative ways.


Screen Use Policy

Licensing stipulates that all child care programs running 3 hours or less should not include screen time. At Franklin Community Preschool, we DO NOT offer screen time in our program activities.  We focus on innovative activities that enhance and explore a child’s cognitive, emotional, social, psychological and physical developments.


Circle Time

Circle time is a large group activity led by a teacher that may include: music and movement, songs, puppetry, books, games and social stories. The children are encouraged to participate and learn with their peers or share their thoughts and ideas. We incorporate many topics throughout the year and cover issues and ideas that are suggested by the children. By following their interest, we keep the Circle Time focused on their needs and what is currently a topic of discussion or concern in their minds. Children are valued and respected at Franklin Preschool and what they share with us is often how we learn more about them.


Snack Time

During snack time, the child sits with a small group of other children at a table to eat healthy snacks brought from home. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to experience a small social group. Due to severe allergies inside the classroom, we have certain food restrictions. Snacks that we do not allow are: Dairy, Eggs, nuts, peanuts, or peanut butter (due to severe allergies), candy, pop, chocolate, granola bars with chocolate chips, cookies or potato chips. Some healthy snack ideas include: Rice crackers, fruit and vegetables. Water is always available at the preschool.


Physical Activities 

Floors are a natural place for a child to play and for this reason we ask that you send your child to school with indoor shoes or slippers. We also recommend that your child wear play clothes which are warm, comfortable and easy for them to handle. Clothes should be easily laundered as children may get paint, glue or other materials on them. We also spend some time in the elementary school using the gym or our indoor climber and tricycles so proper footwear is necessary. (Indoor shoes must be taken home each day as we have two classes per day and have limited storage space.)


Our program also includes spending time outdoors, so we ask that your child be dressed according to the weather.  A new Director of Licensing Standard of Practice (DOLSOP) for Active Play was developed in 2016 to address the issue of childhood obesity in Canada.  As of September 1, 2017, the DOLSOP for Active Play will become enforceable under Section 4 (1) of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.  Therefore, Licensing Regulations stipulates that we need to spend at least 30 minutes of “Active Play” per day in a preschool setting.  Please send a warm jacket and boots with your child when it is raining or a hat and sunglasses when it is sunny. (We would also appreciate it if you apply sunscreen to your child prior to coming to school on sunny days.)

You can also access an electronic copy of the DOLSOP at:


Fieldtrips and Guest Speakers

Fieldtrips, guest speakers and special seasonal events are also regular parts of the preschool program. These are of great importance and provide a wonderful learning experience for young children. We encourage all children to participate in these educational and fun outings.

* Please note that some of these trips will require a family member or guardian to accompany your child on a one-to-one basis to ensure everyone’s well-being and enjoyment. All trips are posted in advance.


Bulletin Board

We have a bulletin board just inside our entrance. We encourage families to check the bulletin board for any relevant notices or information or to put up notices for other families. You will also find a copy of the monthly newsletter (sent home by email monthly and available on the website), documentation, volunteer, and student information on this board.


We have two other white boards in our classroom. One is a daily description of the activities we did in class, and the other is a weekly update board where we put children’s birthdays and upcoming events for that week.



While we are sensitive to the stress that illness may cause for families, we are unable to care for children when they are ill. Children who are not able to participate in all aspects of the program, indoors or outdoors should remain at home. The following are indicators that your child should be at home:



Parents will be asked to pick up their child immediately if they have any of the symptoms listed above. If your child is fighting a cold but is not lethargic, does not have a fever and does not have a green or yellow runny nose then they are welcome to join us for preschool. If you child is absent, please call or email the school.


Orientation – Gradual Entry

Starting a new preschool program is an important event in your child’s life. For some children, it will be their first time in a group setting. This can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating until your child becomes familiar with the program and the people in it. To assist families with the transition a gradual entry schedule is set up for the month of September. Many children are not prepared to have their parents drop them off at the school and then leave. So, we ask that a parent (or a responsible adult) that the child feels comfortable with be available to aid in this transition and be prepared to support the child during the first few days. All families will be notified of the gradual entry process in late August.


For any children coming into our program mid-year, a gradual entry schedule will be set up by the preschool supervisor together with the families that will best support a successful and stress free entry into our program.


*** Please understand that all children are accepted into the preschool program on a one month probationary period. If at the end of this time, the child has not been able to make a comfortable transition into the program, we will discuss options with you and a withdrawal from the preschool may be recommended. We support and give care to children in our program to the best of our abilities provided it is in their best interest and suits their needs.


Guiding and Nurturing

It is our belief and practice that children require physical contact for their care and development. Physical touch will be conducted in the following three ways:


  1. Nurture – This includes hugs, hand holding, gentle tickles, carrying, cuddling and back rubbing. This type of contact will not be made against a child’s wishes.
  2. Safety – There may be times when a child requires restraining from a dangerous situation (i.e. the child drops in the middle of the road and must be moved immediately for their own safety, or if two children are becoming physically harmful to each other).
  3. Hygiene – Some children may require diapering, toileting, and wiping of genital area, examining unusual marks and changing clothes when necessary.


The guidance and support strategies implemented at our centre are based on a positive non-punitive approach. Our objective is to help children acquire the skills necessary to resolve conflict in socially acceptable ways, to their own satisfaction and without loss of self-confidence. We want to help children develop respect, self-control, confidence and sensitivity in their interactions with others. We actively encourage verbal expression of feelings and promote independent problem solving techniques. Staff intervention and assistance is determined by the age and ability of the child.  Please see the following link for more information or ask staff about the BC Ministry of Health booklet “Guiding Children’s Behavior”:


Open Door Policy

At Franklin Community Preschool, we believe that open communication is key to providing an exceptional experience to everyone who comes through our doors. We want to be a centre of excellence in providing a program that enhances the development of all children. We achieve this goal when the program and families work together as a partnership. The preschool staff encourages you to participate in your child’s first experience at school. Children derive the most benefit when home and preschool cooperate and work hand-in-hand.


If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns about how your child is experiencing the preschool program, you are encouraged to raise them with the teachers directly. Visitors are welcome only at specified times during the year as they can be disruptive to the routine. Your input and suggestions are welcomed as feedback and to assist us in improving our program. If you have concerns about your child’s development or experience at the centre, please make an appointment to discuss this with a staff member. In the event of formal complaints, parents are encouraged to contact the Society Board after thorough discussion with the Supervisor.



The community is an important part of the preschool program and is encouraged to learn about the program and participate in it. The early childhood education community is welcome to participate in the program through the student teacher program and practicum.  The preschool also has an open-door policy which also allows students in the Early Childhood Education field to participate in the preschool program through their college practicum and/or observation assignments.  Families will be notified of students on long term practicum.


Children with special needs are a part of our inclusive centre. Professionals from local agencies assist us in their development and are a welcome asset to our staffing team. The presence of such professionals including speech and occupational therapists and the like are intended for these children and we respect and uphold a level of confidentiality for their visits.



What to Bring on Your Child’s First Day!

Coming to school is exciting. Please help your child be prepared for the first day of class by having a small backpack filled with:


Children’s Belongings

Children’s clothing and items should be clearly marked with their names. A lost and found box will be maintained in the preschool in the cubby area. Franklin Community Preschool does not take any responsibility for lost items. We also ask that children be sent to school in clothing that can get dirty. We cannot make guarantees that our paints and other materials will be washable. We do put extra soap into paint products to help aid the washing process but make no guarantees. Please pack a spare set of clothing (shoes, socks, pants, underwear/diapers, shirt, and sweater) into your child’s backpack that can be used in case the clothing they came in becomes soiled.


Toys and Special Items from Home

Please understand that toys brought from home often become lost and/or broken. For these reasons, we kindly ask that all toys, games and etc. be left at home. There are many educational and fun toys to play with at preschool.


Children’s Birthdays

We have up to 60 children at the preschool per school year (and some have food allergies) so we are unable to accommodate birthday treats. If you would like to bring a child friendly and appropriate favour (crayons, stickers, stamps, etc.) then we ask that you bring enough for the whole class. We celebrate each child’s birthday with a special birthday sticker, and by singing Happy Birthday at Circle Time.





Days and Hours of Operation

Franklin Community Preschool operates from September to June. Our program is closed on the following holidays:


The school may also be closed for unforeseen circumstances such as heavy snowfall, professional development for teachers, or for repairs to the preschool. The preschool’s annual calendar is not the same as the Elementary School’s calendar. We are open on Elementary School’s District Closures and Professional Days.  The preschool’s annual calendar will be circulated to families by the beginning of the school year (September).


Staff is at the preschool from 8:15am to 3:45pm Monday to Friday. During class time, staff attention is focused on the children. We do not always answer the telephone when class is in session. In case of emergency, you can alert us by calling back twice, otherwise, please leave a message on our answering machine and we will return your call after class. The staff also asks that you call or make an appointment if you are unable to talk to us during the pick-up and drop off times. Friday afternoons are designated for preparations, cleaning and administration for the preschool staff.


Professional Development

Franklin Preschool staff have completed many workshops and classes in the Early Childhood Education field. Some of the most current topics have included: Responsive Curriculum, Behavior and Guidance Techniques, Administration, Multiculturalism and Diversity, Working with Families, Music and Movement, Puppetry, and Science and Math Exploration.


Our focus is to stay up–to-date in the constantly evolving field of Early Childhood Education as new research leads to advanced, child-centered teaching which enhances our program and helps the teachers provide the best learning environment for your children. The preschool may be closed for one or two days throughout the school year to enable teachers to receive professional development.



Registration and Tuition Fees

A non-refundable registration fee of $65 is due on the day that you register your child (new or returning) in the preschool program along with the first month’s and June tuition (post-dated).  The program fees are:


Class Sessions per week Cost per month Days Time
3s AM class 2 $180 Tues and Thurs 8:45am -11:45am
4s AM class 3 $260 Mon/Wed/Fri 8:45am -11:45am
PM class (3’s & 4’s) 2 $180 Mon/Wed 12:15pm – 3:15pm
PM class (3’s & 4’s) 2 $180 Tues/Thurs 12:15pm – 3:15pm
PM class (3’s & 4’s) 3 $260 Mon-Wed/Tues-Thurs 12:15 pm – 3:15 pm
PM class (3’s & 4’s) 4 $300 Mon to Thurs 12:15pm – 3:15pm


If you wish to switch program days, you must provide written notice and you will receive priority over waitlisted families when a spot becomes available.


Fees must be paid in advance in the form of post-dated cheques, made payable for the first day of each month to Franklin Preschool Society. Alternatively, you may pay using a bank draft or money order. We prefer to not accept cash. If you wish to pay your fees month-to-month, kindly pay your fees on the first of the month. Late payments without prior arrangements may result in losing your child’s space.


Families are committed to paying a materials fee of $100 or more to the preschool (post-dated cheque payable upon registration).  Our Materials fee will help support the following programs and activities for our preschool:  fieldtrips, school supplies, school maintenance, and special events.


Post-dated cheques (Oct-May) are due on the date of spring registration for the following preschool term.  If your child will not be attending in September, please call the preschool before July 31st for a September fee refund. If you do not call by this date the September fee will be kept but all other cheques (Oct. to June) will be returned.


A $20 service charge will be charged for any NSF cheques. After two NSF cheques, payment by bank draft, money order or cash will be required for the remainder of the school year. See above for payments made by cash.


For families who require financial assistance, government subsidy is available. Please speak to a teacher for more information and see this website: Families are required to have their child’s subsidy approved prior to their child commencing at the preschool. If the subsidy is not yet approved, families can pay the full monthly fee amount and be reimbursed once the subsidy applications is submitted and processed in a timely manner. The BC child card subsidy does not apply to the days that the preschool is closed for schools’ breaks, and families are responsible for the full tuition fees for those days.


Returning families receive first priority over new families for registration of the following school year. You must e-mail the supervisor stating which class you wish to be enrolled in. It is a first come first serve basis for all families during your registration window. In order to secure your space, school fees must be paid (registration fee, September fee, and June of the following school year fee).


Subsidy/Child Care Benefit Program 

The preschool has child care subsidy application forms available to families that need help funding their child’s preschool experience. Regular tuition fees apply to anyone interested in subsidy, while subsidy forms are processing. A reimbursement will be issued for families that are eligible for such support. Please speak to staff to receive subsidy application forms.


Drop-In classes

Franklin Preschool is offering drop-in classes for enrolled students and new students. There will be a $20 registration fee for new families followed by a $35 drop-in fee per class. Payment is due on the day of drop-in. Registration package is still required for drop-in classes.


Outstanding Fees

If a school fee has not been paid within 30 days a cancellation of services will take place.



Receipts are issued yearly or upon request.



Franklin Preschool maintains a waitlist for spaces in the program. Waitlists operate on a first come first serve basis. Priority is given to siblings of children currently enrolled in the program, returning families, and children of preschool age. We reserve the right to have one to three spaces for each morning class designated for children who require extra support.



If you wish to withdraw your child from the preschool program, you must provide one month’s written notice to the preschool prior to or on the first day of the month. Failure to do so will result in the preschool keeping one month’s fees.


Vacancies which occur after April 1st are difficult to fill. The fees for May and June will be retained if you withdraw your child after April 1st. The last day to give notice of withdrawing your child without paying for additional months of tuition is therefore March 1st (for withdrawal effective April 1st).


Absences and Vacation

We ask that families call or let us know when your child will not be attending the program due to vacation or illness. A message can be left on the general voice mail or an email sent to Prolonged absences, without payment and no contact will result in termination. The preschool is unable to hold spaces for more than one month when families are traveling overseas for an extended period. Unless a space is paid for during an absence we are obligated to fill it after this one-month period.  There will be no refunds for absences, family vacations or illness.

Unforeseeable Closures

In the event of unforeseeable closure such as heavy snowfall, elementary school strike or preschool maintenance issues, Franklin Preschool Society maintains the right to close the preschool until notice of re-opening. Fees will not be returned under these circumstances.


If there is need for a closure due to weather conditions parents will be able to check the Franklin website or call in to listen to a recorded message that will specify the details of a closure. If a closure happens for any other reason parents will be notified by phone.




Donation and Volunteering

Franklin Community Preschool is a non-profit group that relies heavily on donation and volunteering.


Donation Opportunities


Board Participation

The preschool encourages family participation, interest in the preschool program and we look forward to your feedback. Franklin Community Preschool’s license is held by the Franklin Preschool Society whose volunteer board is made up of preschool parents. The Franklin Preschool Society is responsible for overseeing the general operations of the preschool.


The Society meets every month to discuss preschool issues, and extends an invitation to all preschool parents to attend its open meetings where parents can offer feedback on program activities, decide upon fundraisers for the year and help organize special events. Your participation is necessary to ensure that Franklin Community Preschool runs at best practice. We encourage your participation and we value your input (


Other Volunteering Opportunities


Scholastic Book Club

Franklin Community Preschool encourages families and children to discover the magic of books. By participating and purchasing books from Scholastic Book Club the preschool receives free books and points that can be used to purchase toys and supplies for the classroom. Each month you will receive a flyer of new and interesting books to buy. Please give your order form and cash or cheques to the preschool teachers.


Art Supplies and Other Ways to Participate

The preschool is always on the lookout for “treasure”. Do you have any items you would like to donate such as wood pieces, small mirrors, fabric, household items, etc.? We encourage open ended projects and look for natural and safe materials for exploration and art. Many items can be recycled and turned into something wonderful.


Do you have an interesting hobby or job to share? Is there an opportunity for a field trip or presentation? Is there a new baby in your family that could come in for a visit? We welcome your contributions for the enrichment of the preschool program.


Franklin Community Preschool has the following emergency procedures in place. Staff with first aid training will be responsible for assessing the medical needs of children.


Emergency Exit Routes

The preschool building has two evacuation routes. The front entrance door on the left side of the building and the back-exit door on the right side of the building.


Lockdown Procedure

Children will gather with staff, preferably away from doors and windows. They will be encouraged to be quiet. The children will be provided with quiet activities to explore during this time. Children will remain indoors until further instructions.


Evacuation Procedures – Fire

Children gather at the preschool’s back exit in pairs and wait for staff to open the door. Staff will gather the sign in sheet and the emergency backpack and take the children outside and to our designated spot on the field. Preschool staff will ensure that all children are accounted for before leaving the building and make every effort to locate any children not in attendance.


Evacuation Procedures – Earthquake

If Indoors

DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE. Staff will immediately protect children by following the three-step process of DROP to the floor; take COVER under a sturdy desk, table or other furniture, and HOLD ON. If that is not possible staff and children will seek cover against an interior wall and protect their heads and necks with our arms. Staff will assist to avoid windows, hanging objects, glass partitions, mirrors, bookcases or tall furniture that could cause injury until the shaking stops and it is safe to move.

If Outdoors

Staff and children will move to an open area away from windows, buildings, overhead wires or telephone poles and crouch down.


Fire and Earthquake Drills

Franklin Community Preschool is required to conduct regular fire and earthquake drills. While this may be frightening for the children, we will do our best to address any issues or anxieties that may arise. While we cannot notify the children when a drill may happen, we will talk with the children regarding the importance of these drills on a regular basis. We encourage you to discuss these events with your child and to conduct your own drills at home.




As per the Community Care Licensing Facility Act, Franklin Community Preschool must have a policy and procedure manual. This is a lengthy, detailed document and is available to all families who wish to view it. All policies and procedures are subject to change. Franklin Community Preschool staff will notify families of major changes to existing policies or the development of new policies. A shorter, family-friendly version of the policies and procedures manual is included in the registration package.





Records concerning your child (such as enrollment forms, health records, observation records, written parent teacher conference reports and all other information about your child) is confidential information and will only be accessible to you, your child’s teachers, the Board of Directors, and the people designated by the Child Care Licensing Branch and Ministry of Children and Family Development to review our records for licensing purposes.


Program Termination

Franklin Community Preschool is committed to work with every child and family to ensure your experience in our program is exceptional. Issues may arise and while we will do everything within our ability to work through issues, there may be a time when we have no choice but to terminate the program relationship. These reasons may be:



Multiculturalism and Diversity

FCP is committed to multiculturalism and diversity education as we appreciate and celebrate cultural differences.  We actively encourage families to help us in this initiative by providing information or tokens that represent your own culture or beliefs.


Suspected Child Abuse

The Child, Family and Community Service Act states that all children in the province of BC are entitled to be protected from abuse, neglect and harm or threat of harm. The act also states that any person who has the reason to believe that a child needs protection must promptly report the matter to the Ministry for Child and Family Development. Please note that we are required by law to report suspected or disclosed abuse, as it is our responsibility to report suspicions and disclosures.  It is not our responsibility to determine if the abuse has occurred.


If you are concerned about the well-being of a child, or if you have any questions please feel free to call the Provincial Centralized Screening team (PCS) at 1-800-663-9122 or 604-660-4927 (Lower Mainland & outside BC). If you feel a child is in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1.